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We build cutting-edge technology around customer-centric content through intuitive design based on customizable measurement metrics and reporting systems that deepen user experience, enhance customer engagement and result in desired outcomes

Shape. Seek. Sharpen

Shape. Seek. Sharpen

Our Services Spectrum:

Advisory -

Customer Centric Content Development and Digital Strategy Optimization through consultative engagement

Our Advisory Services include:

  • Evaluation of existing customer engagement initiatives
  • Analyses of digital environment for disease area
  • Optimization of existing digital strategy
  • Mapping of KPIs and measurement metrics
  • Recommendations for customer-centric content

Social Media +

Design develop, manage and monitor content for social media engagement. Qualitative and quantitative social media tracking & analysis

Our Social Media Services include:

  • Digital content development for various social networking sites
  • Digital Monitoring of disease environment
  • Community/ Reputation Management
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Patient Journeys / Patient Personas

Mobile +

Build, integrate with client technology, deploy and monitor range of digital assets for mobile devices

Our Mobile Services include:

  • Tablet/ iPad Detail aids(iDetail)
  • Tablet/ Mobile Phone Apps
  • CLM Mobility solutions
  • Websites optimized for tablets/ iPads and mobile phones
  • Sales Force Optimization tools that can integrate e-learning, detailing, sampling and tracking of physician responses

Catalyst +

Optimize and deepen digital engagement through customer insights obtained via testing and monitoring digital solutions

Our Catalyst Services include:

  • Continuous research into development of customer centric content
  • Developing customer centric design – User interface and Wireframes
  • Complex data visualization
  • Reporting technological advances in digital engagement solutions
  • User Acceptance Testing of Digital Assets
  • Building measurement and tracking metrics into existing digital assets/ solutions
  • Collating, analyzing and reporting digital metrics
  • Conversion, Adaptation, Localization and Translation into multiple formats and languages

Web +

Build, integrate with client technology, deploy and monitor range of digital assets for the Web

Our Web Services include:

  • Websites/ Web portals
  • E-Learning Portals
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Virtual Environments
  • Virtual reality solutions
  • Web Apps
  • Web banners
  • Webcast
  • eDetail solutions
  • E-mailers
  • Auxiliary Services
  • 2D/2.5D/3D Animation videos
  • Mechanism of action animation and videos
  • Video production & editing

Meetings +

Devise and manage events; build digital assets and provide technology solutions for a range of meeting platforms that can be used to reach physicians or consumers

Our Meetings Services include:

  • Virtual Conferences
  • Webinars/ Webcasts/ Podcasts
  • Mobile Meeting Apps
  • Multimedia display using video, 3D animation and slides
  • Interactive Patient Cases

Scientific & Brand Communication +

Develop medical education material for MSLs as well as scientific literature for physician and patient education. Develop promotional literature for brand promotion to physicians and patients

Our Scientific & Brand Communication Services include:

  • Product Monographs
  • Newsletters
  • Annotated Articles
  • Leave behind literature
  • Patient education kits
  • Detailing stories

Augmented Reality +

Build, integrate with client technology, deploy and monitor Augmented Reality Apps that can help bring your pack, paper advertisement, conference material or promotional material to life with audio and video –rich content

Our Augmented Reality (AR) Services include:

  • AR Tablet/ iPad apps for use with promotional literature
  • AR Mobile apps for use with product packs
  • AR Tablet/ Mobile apps for use with printed Ads
  • AR enabled – Virtual reality
  • Digital interactivity for live event
  • AR enabled Virtual meetings


I have had the pleasure of engaging RxPrism in a project that required them to make a scientific animation video for one of my brands. They were extremely professional with unfailing adherence to timelines. Attention to detail is commendable and RxPrism is very proficient at their work. I would strongly recommend RxPrism to anyone who requires superior animation work. – Shweta Sinha

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