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Innovation through collaboration

At the RxLab we collaborate with corporate partners who would like to work towards innovative customer engagement solutions using digital media and new age technology platforms.

We provide the technological and strategic expertise whereas our collaborators provide the inspiration in the form of challenging goals.

The outcome is beneficial for both sides – even as it helps RxPrism grow and learn through this association, our client partners gain exclusive access to cutting-edge technological and digital solutions that enhance customer intimacy, increase brand value and result in greater commercial success

Customer Engagement Team +

The customer engagement team is the think-tank of RxPrism and is led by Jumana Barnagarwala. Jumana is a pharmaceutical industry veteran with more than 19 years of experience in brand management, marketing, strategic planning and consulting. This hands-on experience with managing brands and building marketing strategies for them allows her to help our clients choose appropriate media and targeted digital engagement solutions that coupled with customer-centric content and interactivity enhancing technology lead to increased customer intimacy.

She leads a team of 20 customer engagement officers that provide a variety of services including:

Devising digital customer engagement strategies across digital assets

Creation of customer-centric content

Design of site maps and wireframes of digital assets based on customer insights and engagement-enhancing strategies

User acceptance testing of digital assets

Medical and Content Development Team +

This team of professionals (Medical Director, Scientific Copy Writer, Editor etc.) provides content support to clients who need help developing scientific and promotional communication material that can be used either via traditional print media or via digital media.

Production and Technology Team +

The production and technology team is a group of highly motivated people who are constantly trying to keep abreast of the latest developments in technology (Mobility, Cloud, Virtual and Augmentation Reality et.), that could be used to enhance customer engagement and increase customer intimacy.

Digital and Creative Ideation Team +

This team is at the heart of everything RxPrism conceives and delivers for its clients. It is led by our dynamic visionary Dr. Maruthi Viswanathan. He is a qualified medical practitioner by education and a creative visualizer, software architect and developer by choice.

He has won several Creative art and Medical communication contests (Hermes Creative award, Marcom, Rx club etc.) in his early days and has channelized this creative streak towards medical visualization and digital scientific simulations. His passion for technology led him towards exploring 3D animation and gaming software programming that translated into beautiful, detailed, 3D medical animation and interactive digital design.

He has developed his own unique 3D software for scientific visualization and holds several copyrights and patents for the same.

As technology advanced, Maruthi’s thirst for understanding all the new-age media spurred him towards discovering a multitude of digital options that can be designed and deployed through the mobile media.

Maruthi leads a team of digital artists, graphic designers, medical illustrators, 3D animators, virtual design experts and Augmentation Reality experts who work closely with other teams in RxPrism to deliver digital customer engagement solutions that are truly interactive and provide an immersive experience to the user.

A forward thinking team, equipped with high-end technical, scientific, creative and marketing expertise.

Shape. Seek. Sharpen

Shape. Seek. Sharpen



I have had the pleasure of engaging RxPrism in a project that required them to make a scientific animation video for one of my brands. They were extremely professional with unfailing adherence to timelines. Attention to detail is commendable and RxPrism is very proficient at their work. I would strongly recommend RxPrism to anyone who requires superior animation work. – Shweta Sinha

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